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We provide a 3-month evaluation license for QualothFluX, and FXHair so that you can see for yourself what good results you can get with them. The evaluation version is fully functional, however creating contents for commercial distribution is against the evaluation license terms. After you fill out and submit the following form, we will email you the evaluation license keys.

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Select the software that you would like to download for evaluation. You may make multiple choices. If you are interested in evaluating ezCloth, please contact us.

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We require the MAC Address of your network adapter (not your computer name or IP address) in order to issue an evaluation license. If your computer has multiple network adapters, please submit the MAC address of the first adapter. If you don't know how to check the MAC address of your network adapter, you can check it using one of the freely downloadable applications below.

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    (Machine ID) - Must allow unknown developers in: Mac Preferences / Security & privacy after installing

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