The easiest and best way to experience virtual reality.
Simply strap in your mobile Android or iOS device and let the experience begin! 

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In-House Virtual Reality Technology

Advanced Head Tracking.

Equipped with an intuitive head-tracking UI, the NOON VR app allows you to experience an ever expanding collection of immersive 360 and stereoscopic VR content without the need to ever remove your headset.

Superior VR Streaming & Fidelity.

NOON VR's streaming server technology provides not only high speed video loading, but delivery of the highest resolution 360 degree VR content. Experience every pixel of 360 experiences through full 11K streams.

Intuitive Tap Interface.

Access menus, pause/play content and re-orient your view using the NOON VR app's tap interface features. We've simplified the way you interact to maintain full immersion in the experience.

Ultra-Lightweight Headset Design.

At just 213g, NOON VR is light enough to wear for an extended period of time without straining your neck, while still maintaining high-strength. Experience hours of VR content, without the pain.


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