A Package of High-Performance Mobile Physics Engines

FXLinks is an advanced mobile physics engines package optimized for the Android platform. With FXLinks, you can easily integrate physics-based effects such as fluid or particle-based effects into the user interface of your application.

FXLinks comprises:

  • FXFluid: Fluid Simulation Engine
  • FXParticle: Particle Simulation Engine
  • FXCloth: Cloth Simulation Engine
  • FXFur: Hair/Fur Simulation Engine
  • FXPaper: Paper Simulation Engine
  • FXDeform: Elastic Body Simulation Engine

FXLinks is optimized for mobile platforms, and utilizes both CPU and GPU resources efficiently for maximum performance with minimum power consumption.

By adding highly realistic interactive physical effects, FXLinks delivers differentiated user experience suitable for use in live wallpapers, widgets, lock screens, splash screens, and many other UI elements.


The World's First Real-Time Fluid Simulation Engine for Mobile Platforms

Ultimate Performance

Realistic fluid effects demands high computational power. FXFluid uses both CPU and GPU efficiently for maximum performance. Additionally, you have control over which resources to use for physics computation. Using OpenGL ES shaders, FXFluid produces interactive fluid simulation and rendering in real time, and additionally, using multi-threading and the NEON instruction set, FXFluid achieves high performance even without the aid of a GPU.

Various Fluid Effects

FXFluid provides liquid, smoke, and fire simulation. With FXFluid, you can create interactive water drops in your unlock screen, make the texts in your text editor appear to burn, or add 3D clouds with real-time volumetric effects in your weather widgets.

High-Quality Rendering

FXFluid provides its own rendering modules for each type of simulation. Liquid surfaces are rendered with the effects of refraction and reflection, and smoke is rendered with self-shadows and volumetric effects.


Realistic Particle Simulation Engine for Mobile Platforms

Ultimate Performance

Realistic particle effects demand high computational power. FXParticle can handle thousands of particles in real time by utilizing both the CPU and GPU for maximum performance. FXParticle uses multi-threading, the NEON instruction set, and OpenGL ES shaders for GPU acceleration for simulation and rendering.

Various Particle Effects

By FXParticle, you can write texts on sand or snow with the realistic 3D effect of fine particles, make snow fall on the screen, make dandelion seeds fly by blowing your breath, and fade text in and out with particle effects.

High-Quality Rendering

FXParticle uses the GPU for realistic 3D particle rendering. The real-time self-shadowing and material-specific shaders, such as the snow shader and the sand shader, produce a highly realistic look and feel of the type never seen before on mobile platforms.


High Quality Real-Time Mobile Cloth Simulation Engine

Realistic Cloth Simulation

FXCloth is based on a physically sound model that is differentiated from other real-time cloth engines. It produces stable, fast motion of cloth with complete control over material properties such as stretching, shearing, bending, and air-drag effects. This realistic cloth effects afforded by FXCloth can be used for UI effects such as drawing curtains for unlock screens or wind effects for waving flags.

Various Materials

Through the physical parameters that FXCloth provides, users can create various kinds of fabrics such as silk, cotton, knits, and even rubber.

High-Quality Rendering of Fabrics

FXCloth provides various kinds of OpenGL ES shaders optimized for rendering realistic fabrics.


Fast and Realistic Mobile Hair/Fur Simulation Engine

Realistic Look and Texture

FXFur provides advanced rendering mechanism, which is essential for realistic fur rendering. Real-time self-shadowing, anisotropic shading, and multiple scattering simulation bring the look and texture of the fur created using FXFur up to the level of CGI effects used in movies.

Various Applications

The accurate and fast simulation of FXFur enables interactive fur manipulation by touching and dragging on furry surfaces or grass. Also, FXFur can create another level of look for 3D characters by adding interactive hair motion for long hairstyles.

FXFur also can be used to create trees interactively blowing in the wind, or a dandelion waving in the wind or in response to hand motion.


High Quality Real-Time Mobile Paper Simulation Engine

Realistic Paper Simulation

The physical model of FXPaper is based on an interactive particle system that is highly optimized for representing paper-like material properties, including their highly inextensible and incompressible nature, by which developable surfaces are always created during deformation. Exploiting the regular structures of the shapes of pages, FXPaper accelerates the simulation speed and guarantees unconditional stability.

Page Turning Effects

The most typical application of FXPaper is creating page-turning effects. It creates physically natural motion and deformation, providing realistic responses from user interaction.


Real-time Elastic Body Simulation Engine

Add Elasticity to Everything

FXDeform adds elastic behavior to any 2D or 3D objects. You can interactively deform the backgrounds of screens, buttons, icons, thumbnails, or even 3D characters by touching or dragging those UI elements. The shape and motion of the objects are simulated dynamically, and the properties, such as elasticity and damping, can be controlled to realistically simulate materials such as jelly, soft knit, flesh, etc.