FACEOFF is a solution for replacing an actor’s face with a user’s face in a film, drama or any video file by using only a single head-on photo of the user's face. Now you can star in a movie alongside your favorite actor, or become the main character.


  • Produces a custom video clip automatically from the user's photo
  • Matches facial expressions and movement with pre-recorded footage
  • Export as a video or still image within minutes
  • Available on desktop, web and mobile platforms
  • Share via SNS

How To Use FaceOff

  1. Choose a scene
  2. Upload a photo
    • Any clear photograph of the front of a face is compatible
  3. Apply FaceOff and export the video
    • Download to your device, share over SNS, or email to your friends

Applicable business areas

  • Mobile apps and web services
  • Kiosks in theme parks for kids
  • Content creation
  • Advertisements (Commercials, Digital signage)